Welcome to the exciting world of David Gerber ZA, where we love what we do & love the smile on your face when we’re done.

We have been  in the industry for over 20 years and have worked homes from all angles, large, small, expensive, minimalist, extravagant and limited in budget. 

With a background in large scale commercial & Multi-use Residential Developments, David Gerber has built up a vast amount of knowledge with regards the construction industry in Cape Town and it’s suburbs.

We negotiate the best deal with our verified portfolio of professionals and suppliers.

We set up a cost analysis and meet with you to ensure the costing meets the specified budget. Clients don’t always know what the cost implications are, in changing design and or specification, we will assist with the educating you along the way, to ensure an open and transparent experience.

All you need do, is tell us what you need, we do the rest. Full turnkey service, from design, budgeting, selecting contractors, financial management, contract  management, inspections, to moving you into your new space.

Can you afford not to use our service.