Gerberza cabins is a quick, easy solution to living, work & play space within the confines of your property or a holiday location in another town.

Gerberza cabins can be assembled quickly on site and or disassembled and moved to another location.

Gerberza Cabins can be kitted out for an office space or Design Studio, an extra bedroom, lounge area, mancave or dining space, the choice is yours.

The construction of Gerberza Cabins are eco friendly, sustainable and made from easily replaceable materials and recycled composites with a hardwearing, longlasting elegant exterior that will fit perfectly in the corner of your landscaped property without any disruption to the existing surroundings. Gerberza cabins are placed on a precast concrete foot, thus considerably reducing it’s negative impact footprint on the ground.

You can place your cabin on vacant land while building your dream holiday home, or use it as a permanent structure for a weekend getaway. When secured, Gerberza Cabins is a cube with no visible entry points, that deters any possible break-ins while you are away, a true lock up and go system.

Solar-powered power supplies allow you to be off the grid for long periods of time, powering items such as Laptops, Cellular Phones, Small LED TV’s, and Fridges. What you don’t use gets stored in the built in battery bank.

Hot water is supplied by an instant heat gas operated unit, giving you instant heated water should the unit you select require it.

Gerberza Cabins can be connected to Municipal Connections or rural style waste disposal units or tanks. it’s that versatile.

Drinking water can be supplied via an onsite tank or can be connected to a municipal water supply.