decorating with red
Red is the color of passion, confidence, and aggression. Unlike many other colors, the human eye is immediately drawn to red. This might explain why red is a trending color of 2018. Fiery and bold, choosing to decorate your home with any shade of this intense color is a surefire way to break the ice with any guest you may host in the near future. Although there are many positive effects when decorating with red, believe us when we say there are various ways you can go wrong with this pop of color. So if you’re considering making this bold interior design decision, you’ll want to read on because our interior designers have come together and listed what not to do when you have red design ideas in mind.

red accent decor ideas
A common misconception is that you must stick with one particular shade of a color when choosing a color scheme for your room. You want to avoid this even with muted colors like grays, blues, and whites, but you especially want to steer clear of this design mishap when you are incorporating red into your home’s interior. Using only the same shade of red or any color in one space that you are designing will become overstimulating quite quickly to you and your guests. When looking to decorate with red consider a variety of shades, from softer choices like Picture Gallery Red to more flamboyant options like Red Obsession.Using several shades will give your room a sense of depth and variety, which won’t make your space visually overwhelming.

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As you’ve probably noticed by now, designing and decorating with the color red is a constant balancing act between using too little and using too much. You can start by asking yourself one of two questions: Do I have enough red? Or do I have too much? If you find yourself asking the latter, you’ll want to take a step back and identify where you are over-emphasizing the color red. If you are feeling that sense of being overwhelmed and your walls are not yet red, try painting the room’s walls in earth tones or dark browns. The earthy shades will help ground any red in the room and also provide a complementary contrast, which is always great for any interior design project.

decorating with red ideas
Yes, adding pops of color to an interior styled in a very minimalistic sense usually will add a complimentary contrast. However, when decorating with red decor or red paint, you want to be the opposite of minimal. Remember red room designs will be very visually dramatic. Meaning golds, mirrored items, and bold window treatments will complement the drama found in the shades of red you’ve decided on throughout a room. Red shines in styles that are over the top, glamorous and chic. If you want the opposite effect, use over-the-top red accented decor to play up a rooms bold display, and you’ll be sure to have a great design and a daring space in your home.

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Just like sticking with one shade, using one piece of red accented decor won’t add much more than a slight pop of color to an area. Be as bold as the color red itself. Red is said to stimulate attraction and appetites, so why not integrate red into your kitchen and dining rooms? When decorating your home’s interior with any red decor or paint you need to take a risk and be confident in your choices. If you aren’t ready to commit to painting, several red decorative accessories will have the same effect. Red room designs often come across as warm, inviting and dramatic. So don’t be afraid and know that the thing to master when using red is to find the middle ground between beauty and function.

So once you’ve made the decision to decorate with red incorporate multiple shades, be sure to be bold, dramatic and confident, this will reflect in the way you style your interior. Take your time, find your own middle ground, and if you feel you’re over-emphasizing the color, dial it back, but still accessorize more than what minimalistic styles call for. When decorating with red, design a space you’ll love to live in as much as you loved designing it!